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  • Despite the bitcoin price boom of the past 18 months, bitcoin is still finding it difficult to tap into the real-world retail market
  • Until recently, the only way to earn bitcoin involved using a bitcoin faucet, where free Satoshis (the smallest unit of bitcoin) are dispensed freely to users in tiny amounts
  • Thankfully, new platforms such as and Bitbond allow people to earn bitcoin in more substantial amounts by completing more meaningful, micro-jobs or small tasks, earning interest on micro-loans or helping others solve problems

Top 5 Easiest Ways to Earn Bitcoin in 2018

Over the past few years, bitcoin has demonstrated its ability to prove its most vocal critics wrong over and over again. Despite soaring and crashing in value, the bitcoin price is still up by over 150% on all-time highs first set in May 2017.


There is just one glaring problem with bitcoin today: it has not yet fulfilled the basic vision of its creator, Satoshi Nakamoto.

What was this vision? It can be summed up in the title of the original white paper laying out the idea of bitcoin which was called, “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System”.

At present, bitcoin’s achilles heel rests with the fact that mainstream bitcoin retail payments and adoption is still mostly a pipe dream. You still can’t walk into most stores or visit their websites and actually use bitcoin to pay. (Arguably, bitcoin does effectively work as a peer-to-peer electronic cash system, but at present it is mostly being used as a store of value rather than a transacting cash system.)

free bitcoin mining

High bitcoin prices coupled with it rarely being possible to earn bitcoin, are leaving the cryptocurrency beyond the reach of most everyday consumers. It is also becoming harder and harder to be profitable through bitcoin mining.

Thankfully, though, opportunities are finally starting to pop up that are changing this and making it easier to actually earn in bitcoin.

Get FREE Bitcoins!

Open an account with the link below and get $10 worth of free bitcoin:

1. Get Free Bitcoin With a Bitcoin Faucet (The Traditional Method)

bitcoin faucetIn 2010, bitcoin user and community member Gavin Andresen, created the world’s first bitcoin faucet allowing people to get free bitcoins. A bitcoin faucet is a website where, after completing a captcha or similar task, free bitcoin is dispensed into your bitcoin wallet.

Sadly, even the best bitcoin faucet sites like Bonus Bitcoin and Robot Coin, only pay out the equivalent of a couple of dollars maximum to users. As a result, while using a bitcoin faucet is a very easy way to earn bitcoin, earnings are minimal.

Fortunately, in 2018, there are now better options for earning bitcoin.

2. Earn Bitcoin with

how to earn bitcoin onlineWe’re not going to hold out on you and save the best for last. One of the best ways to earn bitcoin today is definitely

Having evolved from the bitcoin hardware wallet and mining platform 21 Inc, is now arguably the easiest way to earn bitcoin in 2018.

Very different from a bitcoin faucet, allows you to get paid in bitcoin for answering emails.

With, users can specify their rate (in BTC) for reading and responding to emails. You can specify whether you charge anywhere from $1 to $100 per email response and will get paid accordingly in bitcoin.

Now, many of us may ask, “why would anyone pay me $100 to just answer an email?” And for most of us the answer is simply, the wouldn’t. Only those people who are in high demand can do so. So, if you happen to be an executive, celebrity or the like, and your inbox is constantly flooded with messages, you can now simplify things and re-direct mail through and get paid for however many you respond to.

But what about the rest of us who aren’t so high profile?

Not only can you set your per-email response to $1 or $5 but, even more powerful, is you can join some of’s “Lists”. These lists are groups of people who fit a particular category, such as:

  • JavaScript programmers ($10 per reply)
  • bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Augur, etc. buyers ($20 per reply)
  • engineers ($10 – 20 per reply)
  • startup founders ($40 per reply)
  • venture capitalists and cryptocurrency fund managers ($100 per reply)
  • students ($2 per reply)
  • designers ($1 per reply)
  • airdrop recipients ($3 per reply)
  • PInterest, Twitter, Instagram, etc. users ($1 per reply)
  • and more

Certainly almost anyone will qualify to join multiple lists. And when you do, you’ll find that the opportunities come surprisingly often because many organizations and people are happy to pay if they know they will get a large number of replies. The data from these responses are very valuable.

And, nearly all tasks (usually responses, but sometimes involves other tasks such as following a group on Telegram) are quick and painless.

Once you complete the task, you’ll see money added in bitcoin immediately.

Also, if you prefer, you can donate to charity all bitcoin that you earn. is also integrated with Coinbase, meaning that if you purchase your cryptocurrencies on Coinbase then it is also easy to get approved for lists such as “bitcoin buyers” or “Ethereum buyers”. And once you’re on these lists youget paid $20 worth of bitcoin per email answered!

If you haven’t yet signed up with Coinbase, you can sign up via this link to get your first $10 worth of bitcoin for free!

How Does Actually Work?

At first glance, being able to earn bitcoin by reading and responding to email, can seem unworkable as a business strategy. However, is becoming increasingly popular among users, and email marketing firms.

  • Using, you can redirect your Gmail emails from non-contacts to
  • Instead of marketing emails and promotional messages being archived as spam, bounces messages back to senders
  • When emails are bounced back, senders receive a notice that because the recipient’s time is valuable, messages will only be read and/or responded to if senders pay an upfront fee in bitcoin

Does Really Work?

Already used by the Winklevoss twins, angel investor Naval Ravikant, venture capitalist Ben Horowitz and other top business insiders and entrepreneurs, benefits both those who use it  and email marketers who need responses.

Put simply, app users earn bitcoin for the time they already spend managing their email. Meanwhile, direct marketing companies and others, are provided with a way to know that their messages have been read and will possibly be acted upon, as well as, have access to collections of people fitting a certain profile (bitcoin buyers, students, etc).

Start earning bitcoins today with

3. Earn Bitcoin Interest With Bitbond

make bitcoin interest
Another very exciting platform is Bitbond which allows you to loan people money in bitcoin and earn interest on it, much like a bank does.

If you have some money sitting in the bank that you know you won’t need for some time, why not put it to better use than a low-interest paying bank account or bond, or risky stock market investment?

Bitbond states that, on average, investors will earn 13% interest on their loans, a very good return.

Of course, the first concern is, “What if the person I loan it to doesn’t pay it back?!”

Historically the vast majority of microloans get paid off as not doing so has real world consequences and Bitbond is no different. If the borrower is extremely late, then an international collection agency will take over which can injure a person’s ability to do all sorts of things such as get a car loan or close a mobile phone contract.

Of course there are risks and some will not pay back. But if you are more risk averse, you can accept a lower percentage for more certainty that you’ll get everything plus interest back.

You also may think you need a lot of money to invest, but Bitbond allows you to invest as little as $2.

If you, for example, have $1000 to invest then this is what you’d earn on average after 3 years:

  • In the bank, you’d make approximately $24 (0.8% interest rate)
  • With Bitbond, you’d make approximately $443 (13% interest rate)

That’s not a small difference!

Get started with Bitbond today.

4. Earn Bitcoin By Doing Various Tasks on BitcoinGet

bitcoingetOne of the oldest ways to earn money online has been to answer surveys, explore offers, watch videos and complete various tasks.

Well, you can do this and earn in bitcoin now too with BitcoinGet.

While you won’t get rich doing this, it is a good way to earn some side income in bitcoin. You can easily earn a few dollars in bitcoin per hour. Once again, organizations are willing to pay for valuable data that you can provide.

While you may not get tons of bitcoin for your time, if bitcoin rises in value again, your return on time investment could be much bigger in the future.

Sign up to get started earning at BitcoingGet.

5. Earn Bitcoin by Providing Bitcoin Related Services

Arguably the easiest way to earn Bitcoin in 2018, is to earn the digital currency just like you would any other income.

At present, e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce can be configured to accept Bitcoin payments for physical goods and services. All budding entrepreneurs need to do, is invest in building an online store. Either this or start offering existing professional services which they do already in fiat currency, for Bitcoin also.

If you have a website or brick and mortar store you can put up a sign that states you accept bitcoin and begin to accept bitcoin as payment for your products or services. Some services such as BitPay can help make this process easier.

Alternatively, you could do freelance gigs and get paid in bitcoin at places such as XBTFreelancer and the Jobs4Bitcoins subreddit, which are currently the best places for freelancing for bitcoin.

Easy Ways to Earn Bitcoin

These are the easiest ways to earn bitcoin in 2018. As time goes by, more opportunities will arrive for earning some income in cryptocurrencies. So take advantage of these ways and add some bitcoin into your wallet!

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