GIFTO Review – How Does an Internet With Less Ads Sound?

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Advertisements are annoying, but it is because of ads that there are so many interesting videos to watch. And it is also because of ads that when you Google something, you find tons of answers, because most people earn income online with ads.

But ads are annoying! And most people aren’t going to create good content for free.

People making good content for the world deserve to be compensated for their time and energy, especially if they are providing a service or information that helps you and me.

It turns out, the internet doesn’t have to be flooded with ads. There is an exciting new project called GIFTO that might just make the internet less ad-happy. In this GIFTO review we will explain how.

But first, let’s take a closer look at YouTube.

Here Comes GIFTO!

It is hard to make money on YouTube. Millions of people all over the world spend their time creating quality content.

But only 0.3% of all videos ever make more than $2000.

One of the main reasons for this is that the ads on YouTube videos simply aren’t what most people are looking for. People are there to watch a specific video and almost never are interested in diverting their interest to something else.

YouTube has imposed strict rules which has resulted in content creators not receiving a fair amount for their content.

One company has created an app, with millions of daily users already, that is beginning to revolutionize this model: UpLive.

UpLive has created an ecosystem where users buy unique virtual gifts with real money and can then give them directly to content creators. The recipients can then trade them, collect them or convert them into income.

And if you’re skeptical that people will just give away their money by buying and giving virtual gifts, you’re not alone. This is probably most people first reaction. But the numbers speak for themselves. Most people who switch from YouTube to Uplive end up making much more income.

The top broadcasters on UpLive earn $50,000 USD per month.

UpLive comes from Taiwan and many of us outside of Asia have never heard of this app, but it is poised to be revolutionary.

But what’s this all got to do with blockchain and cryptocurrencies?

The Asia Innovations Group (AIG), which runs UpLive, wants to take this concept outside of UpLive and enable it on all sorts of different social networks. It turns out, blockchain cryptocurrency can help with this.

To acheive this they have come up with an idea called the GIFTO project.

What is GIFTO?

Using the Ethereuem blockchain, Uplive has enabled this virtual gifting process to be able to occur on all sorts of social media platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The GIFTO project is a way for content creators to generate income directly from their viewers. The AIG team already have a centralized project (Uplive) which has proven that this idea can be very successful.

Due to the drawbacks of their centralized platform however, the team has now shifted their focus towards blockchain technology and the perks of decentralization.

This video does a great job explaining GIFTO.

Technology Behind GIFTO and the GIFTO ICO & GTO Token

The GIFTO protocol makes use of the decentralized Ethereum blockchain to establish its goals. Due to the drawbacks of the current Ethereum chain such as slow speeds and high transaction charges, the project makes use of a hybrid two-chain solution.

The main players on the platform are:

  • Content creators: These are the people who create content for the world to see, such as the people who create videos and write blog posts.
  • Viewers/Fans: They view the content created by the content creators. If they wish to, they can send virtual gifts to the content creators as a sign of appreciation.
  • Gift creators: These are the people who create the various virtual gifts on the platform.
  • Gift curators: The gifts created by the gift creators are verified by the gift curators.

The viewers make use of the GIFTO token (symbol: GTO) to purchase the virtual gifts that they send to the content creators. The content creators then have the option to convert these gifts into the ERC20 GIFTO token, trade them or just let the gift sit in their inventory.

The GIFTO tokens have a monetary value. Users can buy and sell the tokens on major exchanges like Binance, Bithumb, Upbit and OKEX.

The GIFTO ICO token sale was highly successful with over 20 million users holding the GIFTO token.

The GIFTO Project Team

Andy Tian is the CEO of the platform. He is a very capable and successful entrepreneur and was the general manager at Zynga China. He also worked at Google and was the person responsible for bringing the Android OS into China (an incredibly significant accomplishment).

Charles Thach is the chief crypto officer and has worked on several crypto projects including an idea for a highly scalable crypto wallet.

William H. Nguyen is the chief crypto architect for the platform. He has also worked on the highly scalable crypto wallet. He is also a very successful entrepreneur and crypto investor.

GIFTO Use-Cases

You may have noticed that this GIFTO review is written with quite a bit of excitement.

This is because GIFTO really does have the possibility of significantly improving the entire internet experience as we know it and, very importantly, rewarding the people who create good content in a more fair way, rather then just Google and Facebook gobble up most of the revenue.

Here are some exciting use cases of how people earn income on the GIFTO network.

  1. Content creators: From their pilot project called Uplive, it was clear that gifting was a way for the content creators to earn what they actually deserve for their content. The current streamers on Uplive make a lot more than what they would have got on YouTube. By going decentralized, the project just eliminates the global barrier and content creators benefit by it.
  2. Ad providers: GIFTO is working closely with many companies to provide ads with which users can interact. One such example was the Mercedes gift which was created after working closely with Mercedes in Taiwan.
  3. Viewers: The process of gifting is also very rewarding. Part of the money that viewers use to buy gifts, goes straight into the reward pool. This is then used to conduct lucky draws and other contests where users can win some GIFTO tokens.
  4. Gift creators: They are paid in GIFTO tokens whenever someone purchases the gift that they have created. So they are incentivized to create desirable virtual gifts.
  5. Gift curators: They ensure that the platform contains only fairly priced and non-offensive gifts. In return, they are also incentivized by being paid in GIFTO tokens.

GIFTO Review Conclusion:

Gifting is a very underrated way of appreciating other’s work. Some may protest and say that people aren’t just going to give out of the goodness of their hearts, but the UpLive project has shown that this is not the case. Receiving virtual gifts instead of displaying ads has shown to be very lucrative and successful.

The GIFTO project allows this to now be taken outside of the UpLive platform and onto other major social networks such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And this is what is potentially very revolutionary.

Using this method to reward good content creators is a very new idea. The fact that the GIFTO ICO project already has a successful product in doing this is exciting and reassuring.

Additionally, by embracing the current content creation platforms like YouTube, instead of creating their own content creation platform gives this project the added advantage of a large user base. This will also help blockchain technology gain a more mainstream attraction.

However, currently, until we see further development, one may wonder, is Gifto a scam designed to simply get money from unsuspecting buyers of the GTO token? Only time will tell.

To learn more about the GIFTO project you can visit their website at

What’s your opinion of the GIFTO project, digital gifting and UpLive? Share in the comments section below.



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  • Huge upside potential
  • Could help reduce internet ad-pollution
  • Helps content creators get a fairer share


  • Still a new idea and untested outside the UpLive app
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