About Do Cryptocurrency

Here at Do Cryptocurrency we believe that blockchain and cryptocurrency technology is in the early stages of having an enormous positive impact on the world.

We are, right now, at the dawn of an extremely exciting opportunity to write an extraordinary new chapter into the story of human progress. That opportunity is called blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

If you are excited about the transformative possibilities of this new technology then this site and community are for you.

And if you are excited about being able to one day say, “I was an early adopter of cryptocurrency and blockchain” then Do Cryptocurrency is for you.

The goal of Do Cryptocurrency is to help ensure that you are educated about the crypto and blockchain space so that you can stay ahead of the game, profit well and participate in this once in a lifetime opportunity.

About the Founder

richard jett about do cryptocurrencyMy name is Richard Jett. Every “about” page I come across talks about how amazing the person is and all the things they’ve accomplished. This is not that kind of page. I simply want you to get to know me a bit and understand why I care so much about the blockchain and crypto community.

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As a student I was one of those kids who did fairly well at school, but never really went above an beyond. School was pretty boring for me, but I still wanted to get good grades. I was rarely into what I was learning in school, but always very much interested in learning about something else.

My first obsession was with outer space and becoming an astronaut. This was followed by dreams to become a baseball player. Besides playing all the time, I would spend hours pouring over the statistics on the back of baseball cards and trading them with friends.

Next I read an amazing book on Osteopathic medicine and considered medical school. At the same time I got heavy into yoga, tai-chi and Eastern thought. In the end, Asia won out and this led to a graduate degree in Asian culture and society.

Upon completing graduate school I hopped a plane to China and found a position teaching English. My real goal, however, was to learn Mandarin Chinese and familiarize myself with Chinese culture and society.

I was obsessed with learning the language and would purposefully put myself in tough situations to force me to use whatever Chinese I had to get out of the situation. For example, I used to hop a random bus and ride it to the end of the line. After that I would randomly walk around for an hour or so until I was thoroughly lost. Then I had to use my brain and my dictionary to find my way home. It was a total thrill and an awesome challenge and I thrived on this.

I traveled all around China, Japan and the Philippines and learned a lot of lessons about life, the type that you can’t learn in school.

While living in China, I got to know a lot of people from all over the world who were there pursuing their own goals. One of these people was a woman from another developing country who I ended up marrying.

After we’d been together for about two years, I proposed and a couple months later I realized, “Whoa…I am now responsible for another person.”

It was at this moment that my new obsession became economics, finance, business, banking and investing.

I read over 500 books on the subject and took a ton of action.

After a few years I designed what I thought was the perfect business model and lifestyle. I wanted my career to allow for:

  • The freedom to work from anywhere
  • The freedom to work whenever I wanted
  • The majority of income to be passive or residual (as opposed to trading your time for money)
  • The freedom to follow my passions and do something meaningful and beneficial

I ended up with the conclusion of developing websites and online communities that were centered around what I believed in and was passionate about. And I would make it so I could be as hands-on or hands-off as possible. I had a regular teaching job and spent nearly all of my free time developing these sites.

Long story short, there were lots of failures followed by eventual successes. Quite a few people thought I was pursuing an impossible goal. But, if I learned anything it is that the world rewards perseverance, and in the end it paid off and the life I designed became a reality.

And soon after I had come to the point where I no longer needed a job and could spend the day working on whatever I wanted, where ever I wanted and when ever I wanted, I discovered bitcoin. It was 2012.

At first I wasn’t very impressed by bitcoin. But that was because I didn’t yet understand it’s implications for the world.

But then I heard about it again from someone I had a lot of respect for. So,  I investigated it a bit further and actually read Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper.

Now, I am not a cryptologist so it took me a few weeks to really understand everything (I had to learn a lot about math and cryptography!).

Eventually I had a “rabbit hole moment” where it all clicked and I realized the potential power of bitcoin and its underlying technology, blockchain. Most people in the crypto-space eventually have this moment. If you’ve already had it, you know what I’m talking about. And if you haven’t, just keep learning about the technology and you eventually will.

I have written guides to help people have their “rabbit hole” aha moment:

And ever since that moment of realization I have been obsessed with bitcoin and blockchain technology and educating as many people as I can. I spend nearly all of my time on doing this, on growing this blog and the community and giving speeches (something I actually love to do…I gained a love of public speaking while teaching…weird I know!).

When I first arrived in China, cash was king. I really enjoyed paying with cash, it was very hands on and, unlike a credit card, I could really “feel” how much I was paying.

I left China and returned to my home, the U.S., and stayed for a few years before returning to China for a second stint. This time I watched something amazing occur:

Within a couple years I saw China transform from a cash to a cashless society where every one was paying with their phones and people regularly left home without any other form of payment.

Money, payment and how we develop and apply trust are changing and cryptocurrency and blockchain are at the forefront of this. Those of us who live in the developed world may not realize what is starting to happen because the developing world is where the transformation is occurring. Many developing nations are leapfrogging the developed counties of the world.

Banking systems, payment methods, legal systems, taxation and government are on the threshold of incredible change. And here at Do Cryptocurrency, we are excited about the potential and the future of blockchain and cryptocurrencies to be the catalyst for this change.

Do Cryptocurrency is my passion and I am dedicating most of my time to developing and growing this blog and it’s community.

Feel free to send a message to Richard here.

As I said at the top of this page, we are at the dawn of an extremely exciting opportunity to write an extraordinary new chapter into the story of human progress.

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