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Get 10% off Trading Fees for a Year

This discount is a great deal for anyone who plans to trade cryptocurrencies. already has low trading fees and an additional 10% off for a year can really add up.

Here at DoCryptocurrency, we like to share great cryptocurrency deals, promo codes and discounts that will help you to either receive free bitcoins and altcoins or get discounts on trading fees or purchases of cryptocurrency.

How to Get The Promo Code Coupon

To get this coupon, you only need to sign up using the link below. Then you’ll get 10% off of trading fees for 12 months. It’s as simple as that. The promo code discount will be automatically applied if you sign up via this link:

This deal comes from, which is a relatively new bitcoin exchange but has fast grown in popularity due to to the fact that it has rather low fees and offers many hard to find cryptocurrencies. In addition to the largest cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, the exchange currently offers 110+ altcoins!

gate io deal

While you cannot deposit or withdraw fiat currency (USD, EUR) you can deposit and withdraw a huge number of cryptocurrencies.

The registration process is quite simple and easy on though you will need to transfer cryptocurrency to start trading and, since they don’t accept fiat currency, bank wire transfers or credit cards are not accepted as forms of payment.

Funds are secured by using cold storage with a limited amount of funds kept in a hot wallet to allow for daily liquidity for trading.

For these reasons is now considered by many cryptocurrency traders to be one of the best bitcoin exchanges around.

Bitcoin and other altcoins need to be kept in a wallet. Choosing the correct wallet is extremely important for protecting your cryptocurrency and keeping it secure from theft.

In general it is not a good idea to keep cryptocurrency on an exchange wallet, especially if you plan to hold (or hodl) it long term. We recommend that you choose one of the best bitcoin wallets.

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