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Get Free BAT Tokens

Yes, you read that right, get free Basic Attention Tokens (BAT). Who doesn’t want free cryptocurrency?

All you need to do is:

1) Download the Brave Browser

2) Enable “Brave Rewards” during setup

3) Then, as you are browsing using Brave, you will receive ad notifications. If you click on them, you get paid.

4) Watch the money rack up by viewing your BAT wallet atย brave://rewards/

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How to Get These Free BAT Cryptocurrency Tokens

To get these free BAT tokens, you only need to use the link below and download the Brave browser! And, in addition, you also support websites like this one.

brave web browser

Your first question is probably, “what’s the catch?” (see update below)

The catch is that you don’t know exactly when you will receive the tokens, but you will indeed receive them. Let me explain..

The Brave browser has already given away millions of BAT, but it is not currently giving away BAT tokens at the time of writing, however it will again soon (beginning in June 2018) and it will be giving it out to you for simply using it.

And speculation is that they will be giving more out to those who have already downloaded and have been using the Brave browser. The sooner you get it the better!.

UPDATE MAY 2019: Free BAT are now being given out by using the Brave browser. There are 2 ways to receive BAT:

1) Use the Brave Browser and, during setup make sure toย enable “Brave Rewards”. Then you will occasionally receive ad notifications and if you click on them you will receive BAT which you will see accumulate in your Brave browser BAT wallet that is created when you first open the browser. The more you use Brave as your browser the more you get paid. So why not make money while you browse the internet?

2) The Brave browser will randomly show you notifications where you will be able to receive free BAT tokens.


So get it now and be one of the first in line for free BAT tokens!

What is the Brave Browser?

The Brave web browser is a super fast, very secure and very private browser. It is also an ad blocking and tracker blocking browser, which currently has 2+ million active users.

Brave is open-source, which means anyone can take a look under the hood to verify that it is what it says it is: private and secure.

Brave was founded by one of the pioneering giants of the internet, Brendan Eich, who was the creator of the JavaScript language (arguably the most important language used in the internet today) and co-founder of the Mozilla project.

Another bonus about using Brave is that it will actually save you money when using it on a cell phone! The average cell phone user pays up to $23 a month in data charges downloading ads and trackers. Brave would eliminate most of this cost.

how to get basic attention tokens

But, what is most interesting about Brave is that you can earn cryptocurrency by simply using the browser and you can choose to hold this crypto yourself or support your favorite websites and online creators with micropyments.

This cryptocurrency used on Brave is called the Basic Attention Token (BAT).

What is Basic Attention Token (BAT)?

The Basic Attention Token, using the symbol BAT, is the native decentralized cryptocurrency used to transfer value on the Brave browser and there are some very big names that are signing up, such as The Washington Post, The Guardian and some popular YouTube channels.

What’s exciting for many people is that it is one of the easiest ways to make cryptocurrency.

So, how do you make it? Mine it? Buy it? From a crypto faucet? Nope.

You make it by using the Brave browser. That’s it.

free basic attention tokens bat from brave

Brave is by default an ad-blocking browser, but you can earn BAT by allowing ads to be shown and getting BAT in exchange for your attention (hence the name Basic Attention Tokens). And you can choose on which sites you will see ads.

The Brave web browser is gaining a lot of traction and new users because not only do you have control over when and where you see ads, but it also happens to be very quick and is much more anonymous and secure than most other modern browsers out there.

If you buy and sell cryptocurrency online, I highly recommend you use the Brave internet browser for privacy and security while doing so.ย 

How to Buy Basic Attention Token (BAT)

If you want, you can also buy BAT at exchanges such as Binance and But there is also an easier way to do this if you already have Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin.

Within the Brave browser click on the 3 horizontal lines at the top right and select “Setting”. Then, on the left side, choose “Payments” and “Add funds”. Then just follow the prompts on how to get BAT tokens into your wallet within the Brave browser. That’s it!

how to buy basic attention tokens bat

If you don’t have any of the above, here are some guides to quickly and easily getting them:

Review for Free BAT Tokens
Free BAT Token Deal
There's really no downside and nothing to lose. The only thing preventing us from giving it a perfect 5 out of 5 is that you may not get the free tokens immediately, depending on when you are actually reading this. However, Brave is constantly giving away free BAT tokens to people who have downloaded Brave. In addition, Brave just happens to be the best browser out there, giving you much more control over what ads you see, allows you to prevent others from inserting trackers into your browser and allows you to support the sites and creators you like with micropayments. Get the Brave browser today and enjoy a better internet!